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20+ Window Treatment Ideas that Showcase Your Style

No matter your personal style or the design of your home, window treatments are an important element that can help tie your space together and accentuate your look. It’s important to know what your options are to get the most out of your shopping and create the ultimate design plan. Read about the types of curtains and shades we offer and some of our go-to window treatment ideas.


Types of Window Treatments

Knowing what to shop for starts with knowing your options—from classic drapery to rolling shades, there’s a wide array of window treatments to choose from.

Types of Curtains

When it comes time to shop for window treatments, curtains are a popular and classic choice. Our curtains come in various lengths, from 60 inches to over 120 inches. They can work in nearly any space.

1. Sheer

Sheer curtains are a classic look that allow ample light in while still providing privacy. Perfect for your living area or dining room, sheer curtains can hang over plantation shutters for a unique look that lets the breeze in during the day. These typically come in solid colors to complement any theme.

Window Treatment Ideas - White Sheer Curtains

2. Semi-sheer

Similar to sheer curtains, semi-sheer curtains typically have a pattern or bold accent woven in. They provide a similar level of privacy as sheer curtains and can allow the perfect amount of diffused light in for your plants. The breezy style paired with a pattern or bold color block can help tie together your color scheme.

Window Treatment Ideas - Blue Curtains

3. Blackout

Ready for a good night’s sleep? Blackout curtains are your best bet for blocking out all light if you prefer to sleep in total darkness. They come in various materials and patterns, so there are plenty to choose from to match your style. The backing is typically lighter in color so that light and heat reflects out.

Window Treatment Ideas - Textured Blackout Curtains

4. Outdoor Curtains

If you’re dreaming of taking your back porch to the next level, outdoor curtains can help get you there. Made of weather- and sun-resistant material, these strong curtains can hang around your porch to protect you from the sun in the late afternoon. Coordinate with your other outdoor decor or make a bold statement with stripes.

Our Favorite Curtain Fabrics

Once you have your favorite style picked out, find the perfect material for your space. Whether you’re looking for something soft and elegant or bright and bold, we’ve got you covered. 

5. Velvet

Luxurious, soft and bold, velvet window treatments add a lush touch to any space. They provide plenty of privacy and can come in either cotton for a lighter texture or a polyester for a more distinct choice. The soft, plush matte finish will add a touch of elegance to your space.

Window Treatment Ideas - Velvet Curtains

6. Linen

Light and airy, linen curtains are the perfect choice if you love a natural, earthy look. This casual material brightens up the room. We recommend hanging these over a window that you love to open during nice weather to let the breeze flow.

Window Treatment Ideas - Linen Velvet Curtains

7. Cotton

A true classic, cotton is a soft and comfortable material that will truly make your space feel like home. Understated as a solid yet fun as a pattern, cotton curtains are easy to clean and maintain. These are the perfect curtains if you’re looking for something subtle, and they can work with virtually any style—modern, contemporary, eccentric, you name it.

Window Treatment Ideas - Cotton Curtains

8. Outdoor

When it comes to styling your outdoor space, you want to be sure your curtains will withstand hot summers and windy days. Our outdoor curtains are crafted from Sunbrella® Cast acrylic fabric, which is water-repellent and resistant to mold, mildew and chlorine. Paired with stainless steel grommets for a strong, sturdy hold, these curtains will hold up throughout the seasons.

Sunbrella Indoor Outdoor Curtains

Types of Shades and Blinds

For a more structural look, shades and blinds can complement any window. They typically provide more privacy than curtains. Here are the basics you need to know.

9. Roman

Roman shades offer the comfort of curtains with the structure of blinds. These shades fold up beautifully when not in use, and their cordless design makes it easy to pull them down as needed. There’s also no need to hang drapes over them!

Window Treatment Ideas - Roman Shades

10. Roller

Classic and simple, roller shades take up little space and are perfect for behind curtains, blackout or otherwise. They help block out light and ensure privacy. Plus, these are great for helping protect your space from the hot summer sun.

11. Cellular

Cellular shades help diffuse light while providing privacy, and the honeycomb design helps insulate your home, which makes them useful in extreme weather. They can deflect heat in hot climates, and keep things cozy in the winter.

Window Treatment Ideas - Cordless Cellular Shades

12. Cordless

All of the shades we offer are cordless, so you never need to worry about ending up with a tangled mess or a hazard for children and pets. This style makes it easy to evenly pull down and put up your shades as you please. Plus, they’re perfect for rooms like your kitchen where you may need to block excess light but keep cords out of the way.

How to Choose Window Hardware

Window hardware can take your window treatments to the next level. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind.

13. Keep Your Theme In Mind

As with any design choice in your home, keep your theme in mind when it comes time to coordinate your window hardware. Whether you like modern window treatment ideas or more rustic and natural decor, it’s easy to match your intended look with the function of window hardware. Pick a bold brass or a subtle matte black, whatever your style needs.

14. Work With Your Space

If you live in an apartment or dorm room where making permanent decor choices is out of the question, opt for hardware that can accommodate. Pick out pieces you can adhere to the wall or that only take a few small holes.

15. Pick Out the Finishing Touches

Finials—which are the attachments that go on the ends of curtain rods—are the perfect touch to complete your window treatment look. You can let them make a statement and go for a bold look, or opt for something simple if you’re looking for a clean design.

Window Treatment Ideas - Antique Bronze Curtain Rod

16. Double Check Your Measurements

When it comes time to install, make sure you double check your measurements! The last thing you want is to get the holes for your screws off and need to patch up the wall. Use a level to ensure everything will hang evenly.

Window Design Tips & Tricks

Picking your new curtains or shades is an exciting home decor task. It can really help you feel like everything's falling into place! Check out some of our go-to tips and tricks when it comes to designing your space with window coverings.

17. Work with the Light

For an added flair, let the light work for you when deciding on your decor. A set of simple suncatchers can add a bit of color to your windows at any time, and then when the sun streams in, your entire space will come alive with various hues.

18. Reflect the Space

In a small space, light is one of the most important tools for making things feel open and welcoming. No matter what type of window treatment you choose, coordinate with a wall mirror to reflect the light and help the space feel bright and airy.

19. Create a Comfortable Space

A comfortable window seat is a great way to accentuate your windows and create a unique spot to relax. Whether you need bay window treatment ideas or you’re styling a kitchen bench, opt for a modern look with sleek throw pillows or make things cozier with a few throw blankets that complement your curtains. This is the perfect place to change things up with the seasons.

20. Hang Your Greenery

Your windows are the perfect place for your favorite plants. Pick a few hanging baskets to dangle from the curtain rod. Pair them with a set of sheer curtains so your plant babies can get the perfect amount of diffused light all day.

Window Treatment Ideas - Hanging Planters

21. Color Coordinate

It may seem obvious, but color coordinating your window treatments with the rest of your decor is a must. Pick out curtain colors and materials to complement your furniture. If you like to change things up with the seasons, pick out a relatively neutral window treatment that will go with all of your holiday decor. 

22. Let Your Window Be the Centerpiece

Is there anything dreamier than a big picture window? If you’re lucky enough to have a gorgeous view, let that be the focus of your space. Choose a set of neutral curtains (and blinds if you need extra privacy) that can easily be pulled back so you can always have a clear view.

23. Focus on Functionality

When you finally start shopping for window treatments, keep the core purpose of your space in mind and it’ll be a piece of cake. For example, bedroom window treatment ideas should promote relaxation and a good night’s sleep—a set of blackout curtains in a calming hue will do the trick. Focus on function first and you’ll be well prepared for styling your windows everywhere in your home.

And there you have it! You’re ready to pick your window treatments and style them with the perfect hardware. With the right furniture and lighting, your home will be the ultimate sanctuary.

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