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25 Small Entryway Ideas That Make a Big Impression

Styling your entryway can be a great way to showcase your taste and give your home extra flair. No matter what size space you’re working with, you have plenty of design options, but a small space takes a bit more creativity. From making this space functional to adding the perfect personal touches, we’ve compiled our go-to tips and 25 of the best small entryway ideas to make your space unique.

Small Entryway Ideas

Small Entryway Inspiration

Your entryway is important when it comes to your home’s overall style. It’s the last place you see when you walk out the door, the first place you see when you come home and your guests’ first impression of your home. When you’re working with tight square footage, it’s the perfect opportunity to flex your creative muscles and style the space to your needs and wants.

First, take notes. Is it a defined area, more of a hallway or just a nook? Note where the light switches and outlets are, any existing light fixtures and where the door swings when it opens (think about the possibility of wall hooks or even tucking a narrow shelf behind the door). It’s worth taking some measurements as well—maybe get out the masking tape to plan some potential furniture and decorating ideas!

Small Entryway Ideas - Entryway Cabinet

Think of what small entryway ideas you need: places to put your keys, hang your coat, store your work bag and kick off your shoes. Keep in mind the seasons—if you’ll need a nook for your snow boots and parka every winter, find versatile pieces that will work in the summer as well. Picking out furniture and features that work for your life, plus showcase a little bit of you, will help make the space uniquely yours, no matter how small it may be. 

Finally, it’s time to consider your theme. While the entryway should coordinate with the rest of your home, it’s a fun opportunity to get a little creative. Think about how you want your family and guests to feel when they walk through the door. Relaxed? Energized? Creative? Whether you thrive on minimalism or blossom with a bold pattern, your entryway is just as much a part of your home as any other room—make sure it gets to shine.

How to Decorate a Small Entryway 

With the dimensions of your space and your theme in mind, it’s time to get to work! Here are our go-to entryway ideas for small spaces.

1. Make an Entrance

Just because you’re lacking in floor space doesn’t mean you can’t have a rug! A stylish floormat or an elegant runner can make a bold statement. Pick a pop of color or bold pattern to add drama to the space.

Entryway Rug

2. Table It

A console table is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can have. Tall and narrow, it will give you a surface to set your keys on, some drawer space and floor space for baskets without compromising your main walkway.

Small Entryway Ideas - Console Table

3. Catch the Little Things

Your keys and random odds and ends need a designated space so they don’t turn into clutter. A catchall does exactly what it says and catches all of the little random baubles that would otherwise get lost. Put one on the end of your console table so you don’t even have to think about where you put your keys when you walk in the door and you’ll always know where they are before you leave.

Marble Tray - Entryway Decor

4. Make a Statement

Big and bold, a statement mirror will showcase your style and make the space feel bigger than it actually is. A multipurpose mirror, like one with a shelf or cubby, can give you a place to hang your keys or the dog’s leash. Give yourself one last look every morning!

Entryway Mirror with Shelf

5. Light It Up 

What’s the lighting situation like? Make sure you have ample light to welcome you home every day. The combination of a flushmount ceiling piece and a pair of wall sconces will offer the perfect combination for small entryway lighting ideas.

6. Kick Off Your Shoes

Coming home from a long day at work or an invigorating run? We know how wonderful it is to kick off your shoes the second you walk in the door. Pick out a shoe rack with a small footprint to keep your sneakers and sandals out of the walkway but ready for your next productive day.

Mid-Century Shoe Rack

7. Get Hooked

Our go-to for any room—seriously, we’ll put them in bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, garages, you name it—wall hooks can level up your small entryway organization. A hook rack is ideal if you have plenty of wall space, while a set of individual wall hooks can give you the flexibility you need to customize your space.

8. Take a Seat

Take a few extra minutes in the morning to put your shoes on and get your bag packed with your essentials before dashing out the door. A bench will give you a place to sit for your morning meditation and a spot to add a pop of color with a few throw pillows. Bonus: Storage space inside can give your entryway the multipurpose furniture it needs.

Small Entryway Ideas - Mid-Century Storage Bench

9. Add a Little Green

Plants can easily add a little joy to your day. Let them dangle from the ceiling in a woven hanging planter or get creative with a wall planter. Both of these options save valuable floor space and you’ll always remember to water them when you get home—it’s a win-win!

10. Can I Take Your Coat?

A classic we love, a coat rack is a versatile piece that adds a unique shape to your entryway. In the winter, let it hold your snowy weather essentials; when summer rolls around, it can hold your beach tote and the dog’s leash for all of your outdoor adventures.

Industrial Coat Rack - Small Entryway Organization

11. Stash Your Umbrella

If you live in a rainy climate, you know how important it is to have the right gear on hand and a place to store it. Having a stand for your umbrella will keep the rest of your home dry and ensure you always know where it is.

Small Entryway Ideas - Marble Umbrella Stand

12. Color Your World

A pop of color or a bold pattern can help define the theme of your home the second people walk through the front door. For many small entryway ideas, it may be a little trickier to pull off a loud piece or pattern, but it can be done with some creative thinking. Be strategic with a modern wallpaper accent wall that gives dimension to your space or a bold metallic light fixture that brings a bit of sparkle to your home.

Modern Mosaic Removable Wallpaper

13. Frame Your Style

What’s more classic than a framed piece of wall art? Pick your favorite snapshot from vacation or a bright print that reflects the spirit of your home. Get creative and switch things up every few months.

Framed Artwork for Entryway

14. Soften Your Space

If you’re looking for something softer and more dimensional than a framed print, a woven wall hanging can provide the perfect touch. Opt for a small piece or a bold, intricate display that wows everyone when they walk in.

15. Organize Your Mail

Those little daily tasks are the ones that seem to slip through the cracks the easiest, like taking a letter to the post box. Pick a multipurpose entryway mirror with a shelf and hooks so you never forget that important envelope or your keys after you give your makeup a final touch-up.

Mirror with Hooks for Small Entryway

16. Leave Love Notes

A sweet love note can bring a smile to your face when you get home. A set of multifunctional mirror boards will give you space to pin sweet notes for your family or write down last-minute grocery list reminders. 

17. Change with the Seasons

Seasonal decor can help keep your space fun and ever-changing. Opt for warm hues in your throw pillows in the fall and pick out a bright and fun doormat in the summer.

18. Create a Central Space

Picking furniture for small spaces can be tricky, but a tall bookcase is one of the most functional pieces you can have. Use the drawers for your keys and important documents, then tuck baskets on the shelves for all your odds and ends.

Small Entryway Ideas - Mid-Century Bookcase

19. Make the Most of Corners

Office, closet, garage, you name it—corners can often go unused, and when you’re working with a small entryway, every inch counts. Picking out a shelving unit that can fit snugly in the corner of your entryway with plenty of storage will make keeping this space organized a dream. Or, opt for a smaller piece and wedge a corner shelf into tight spots.

20. Let It Float

Floating shelves are useful in every room of your house, but in a small entryway, they can be a game changer with how much space they save. Pick out a set that can hold your key dish and favorite diffuser so you’re met with a relaxing scent every time you walk through the door.

Floating Shelves for Small Entryway

21. Don’t Forget the Little Ones!

Let your little ones be involved in keeping your small entryway clean and tidy. Give them a fun basket that’s low to the ground where they can learn to store their shoes, bag and go-to toys.

22. Keep Track of Time

A wall clock is a classic piece of decor that serves a practical purpose. Showcase your style with a modern watercolor pattern or a traditional design so you always know you’re on time for your favorite spin class.

Modern Wall Clock for Entryway

23. A Space for Everyone

Crafting a practical entryway in a small space is possible and easy when you make the right furniture choices. A tall shelving unit won’t take up much floor space and with distinct cubbies, every member of the family will have a spot for their daily essentials.

24. Designate a Spot for Essentials

Ever realize you forgot your lip balm right when you’re stepping out the door? Us too. Set up a spot for those easily forgotten but oh-so necessary items like lotion and hand sanitizer in refillable dispensers.

25. Declutter and Destress

Keeping your home clean and organized is the perfect way to establish peace in every room. Your entryway is no exception—keeping all of our tips in mind will help your small entryway stay neat and organized. Regularly put things back in their places, wipe down surfaces and vacuum the doormat. A seasonal deep clean can help with this, so be sure to mark your calendar!

Small Entryway Ideas & Inspiration

Now you’re ready to jump into designing! Your small entryway ideas can be a source of inspiration for the rest of your home and give you just enough space to show off your style.

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