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30+ Desk Organization Ideas for an Inspired Workspace

Your desk is an important area—it’s where some of your biggest ideas are born and your inspiring thoughts are jotted down on paper. If you’re working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, having a flexible and organized workspace is one of the most valuable things you can do for your work or school day. Keeping things tidy is important for getting the most out of every day, so we’ve compiled our favorite desk organization ideas to help you get the job done.

Desk Organization Ideas

Go-to Desk Organization Tips

Whether you’re looking for ways to reorganize your home office, squeeze a desk into your bedroom or brush up on your corner desk organization ideas, we’ve got your back. Check out our favorite desk organization tips to give your space the makeover it needs, from daily essentials to shared office tricks. You’ll always be prepared for that next video call.

Desk Organization Ideas

1. Only Keep the Essentials

Before you make any redesign moves or try to fit a new desk into a small space, take some time to go through what you already have. We know how easy it is to end up with a few half-filled journals or notepads in your desk drawer—sort out what you don’t actually use on a daily basis and make room for only the essentials so you can cut down on clutter.

2. Pick the Perfect Desk

Picking out the perfect desk is a big part of keeping things organized and making you more productive. Whether you’re artistic and need plenty of space to let your creativity flow or you’re more of a minimalist who spends their days writing prose, your desk will help set the tone for the day. A desk and shelf combo can take advantage of otherwise unused wall space, while a classic secretary desk is the ultimate in space-saving practicality.

White Lacquer Desk with Gold Legs

3. Give Everything a Place

Once you have the perfect desk for your space and needs, it’s time to get organized. Desk organizers will keep everything sorted, from pens to paper clips. When everything has a designated spot, it’ll be so much easier to clean up at the end of the workday.

Desk Organizers

4. Make the Most of Your Space

A small home office gives you a unique opportunity to be creative and think outside the box. You may not be able to fit a classic desk, so think of ways you can get the most out of your space. Get creative with shelving and file cabinets to expand your workspace. Make sure that at the end of the day, you can easily shut off your work and start relaxing!

5. Get In the Zone

If you don’t have a designated office space, we know how important it is to make the most of your living room desk (or bedroom, or dining room, wherever). Regardless of where your “office” is, it’s important to designate specific work areas. For example, if your bedroom houses your desk, put up a room divider or bookcase to define your space. Make it as easy as possible to separate work from home.

Mini Desk for Small Spaces

6. Switch It Up

If you wear many hats—student by day, artist by night—we know how important it is to be able to quickly change gears. The last thing you want to do is sort through your side hustle supplies in order to get to what you need for your next research project. Label everything and opt for desk organizers you can easily tuck in a drawer or on a shelf to make room for the next project.

7. Organize Your Wires

Is there anything more annoying than a tangled mess of wires taking up your valuable desk space? Keep everything sorted and organized with a desktop powerstrip. You’ll know exactly where your energy is going, and when you’re done with a charger or need to move to the living room while your partner is on a video call, you can easily unplug to prevent the dreaded knot.

8. Sort Your Drawers

We know how easy it is to just toss things in your desk drawers and call it a day. But, in order to set your next workday up for success, keeping things organized and easily visible will help you hit the ground running (after your morning coffee, of course). Low baskets with dividers are one of our favorite desk organization ideas—they can help you get a good look at everything you have in your drawers, plus make it a breeze to tidy up.


9. File It Away

Take your drawers to the next level with a classic file cabinet. Picking one with wheels will make it easy to quickly rearrange your office or give you more space if you’re working with a small office desk. 

Mid-Century Filing Cabinet

10. Make a Good Impression

Whether you share your office or you regularly lead virtual meetings, your desk plays a huge role in your coworkers’ first impressions. Let your organization skills work for you and exude your professionalism—sorted stacks of paper, a bold wall hanging behind your desk or your framed diploma can showcase your style and work ethic.

11. Sprinkle in a Bit of Your Style

Business is business, of course, but don’t be afraid to have a little fun, especially as you’re WFH! The more your office showcases your style, the more it’ll feel like your own. Find little ways to bring your favorite decor items to your desk, like a framed photo of a memorable vacation.

Artwork for Home Office

12. Keep Cleaning Products on Hand

We’ve all had those days where we have to eat lunch at our desks, so it’s helpful when you have cleaning supplies in reach to wipe away the crumbs. An all-purpose spray, glass cleaner, screen cloth and keyboard cleaner are go-tos that you’ll be grateful to have on hand, spills or not. 

13. Add In Some Greenery

Whether you’re looking for air purification or just a little nature to brighten up your space, a plant is a great addition to your desk. Opt for a small planter so a trailing ivy can hang off the side of your desk, or choose a hanging planter for an added touch of elegance. 

Gold and Silver Planters for Desk

14. Opt for Low Maintenance 

Don’t have a green thumb? No worries! A bold vase filled with dried lavender is one of the easiest decor options you can go with, plus it barely takes up any precious desk space. Switch it out with the seasons to keep your home office feeling fresh.

15. Set Aside Space for Fun

Everyone needs quick mental breaks throughout the day. Whether you’re pausing on that big project or listening to a virtual lecture during class, a small puzzle toy that you can easily stash in your desk drawer will keep your mind active.

16. Keep Track of Time

Ever get so in the zone you lose track of time? Us too. A desktop clock will help you organize your time so you don’t miss that important meeting or your next virtual class. Plus, with the small footprint, it won’t impact your oh-so important desk organization. Win win!

17. Pin It Up

Little reminders, your calendar, family snapshots—whatever it is, a pinboard is a low profile desk organization idea that can save you lots of valuable desktop space. 

Home Office Organization Ideas - Pinboard

18. Elevate Your Computer

Raising up your computer with a mobile stand will earn you a little extra space. Tuck small items like notepads and chargers under your computer at the end of your day to spruce things up.

19. Organize Your Bookshelf

For desks with built-in shelving or if your books are a huge part of your workday, keeping every title upright and organized will make your day much more productive. A set of bold bookends serves two purposes: holding your books up and adding a pop of color!

White Bookshelf with Bookends

20. Set the Tone

Music is such an important part of your workday—it can keep you in the zone for hours. Pick out a small bluetooth speaker if you’re working with a tight space or, if you have room, a record player to add some flair.

Office Organization Ideas

Keeping your entire office organized is a great way to ensure your desk stays neat and tidy. Whether you need to create an inspired space for creativity or a room that helps you get in the zone, here are some easy office organization tips to keep in mind.

 Industrial Office Desk and Bookcase

21. Declutter and Destress

Just like with your desk, it’s worth taking the time to declutter your space and find out what you really need. If you work with any seasonal items or regularly need to move around supplies, bins that you can tuck on a closet shelf will get items that aren’t immediately needed out of the way. Donate anything that’s not of use anymore.

22. Make Use of Your Wall Space

One of the best ways to make the most of your home desk space is to use your walls, especially if you’re looking for small desk organization ideas. Opt for a set of floating shelves above your desk to sort books, files and various supplies.


23. Pick a Cozy Rug

A productive workday doesn’t have to be uncomfortable—quite the opposite, really. Make sure you’re excited to sit down at your desk every day by creating an environment you’re happy to be in. A rug with a bold pattern can make the space more inviting, especially if you’re in an apartment or dorm where you can’t make permanent decor choices.

24. Light Up the Room

Ample lighting will ensure that you don’t strain your eyes. A mid-century modern floor lamp can provide the perfect balance of light and style to your space. Plus, it won’t take up a lot of space if you’re working with a small studio apartment or dorm room.

25. Make Room for Creativity

Sometimes it’s important to get away from your desk, especially if you’re settling in to working remotely. Create a space for creativity, like a bean bag chair, to help those great ideas flow naturally and be ready to work when you sit back down at your desk.

26. Check Your Posture

Well-executed desk organization ideas won’t be fully appreciated if you’re uncomfortable. Picking out an office chair that supports you all day will make it so much easier to hit the ground running. A chair with a classic silhouette can complement your style, while a sleek ergonomic design can give you the support you need.

Home Office Ideas

27. Stretch Your Legs

If you can’t sit still all day, a riser will adapt your workstation into a standing desk. Taking time to stretch your legs throughout the workday can give you a boost of inspiration after you’ve been in the zone for a few hours. Plus, you’ll be able to focus on what you really need on your desk, instead of ending up with clutter.

28. Floor Mat

Standing all day requires healthy posture, just like sitting. An anti-fatigue floor mat will help you stay comfortable and productive, even when you’re pulling long hours.

29. Make Room for an Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

We know how important that afternoon coffee or tea is, so be sure you make room for it in your office. Set aside space on the corner of your desk for your favorite mug, an electric kettle and some tea or coffee supplies if you can’t make it all the way to the kitchen. Or, if it’s time for that virtual happy hour with your team, keep your bar cart close by.

Stagg Electric Kettle

30. Shared Space

Sharing a home office can mean great things if you like to collaborate with your partner or roommate, but there will always be times when you need to get in the zone and go solo. Separate your desks with a file cabinet or low shelf so that you can keep your own area organized but still leave room for impromptu creative sessions.

31. Schedule Time for Cleaning

We’ve said it before—cleaning your desk and surrounding office space is so valuable when it comes to creating a healthy work environment, especially if you share an office. Put 15 minutes on the calendar every few days to pause and tidy up, from wiping down surfaces to giving your rug a quick run with the vacuum. Just a little bit of time spent keeping things clean will directly contribute to you getting the most out of WFH.

Whether you’re looking for ways to reorganize your entire home office or just need a few new tricks to keep things tidy as you work from home, we hope these go-to desk organization ideas have inspired you. Be sure you’re always ready for your next video call and big project.

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