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30+ Closet Ideas: Organize & Decorate Like a Pro

Closets are often an afterthought in the bedroom. But creating an organized, inspiring closet is easier than you think. Whether you’ve got tons of room or just enough space for a clothing rack, there are lots of great ways to display and store your wardrobe in style. We’re sharing our favorite closet ideas below, because that gorgeous new LBD deserves an equally fashionable home.

Best Closet Organization Ideas

Closet Organization Ideas 

Here are our go-to solutions to boost the storage in any closet.

1. Pare Down Your Wardrobe 

A peaceful day begins with a clutter-free closet, so start by donating what you don’t wear often. That dress you wore once to your best friend’s birthday? Let it go. Seven striped shirts? Pick your two favorites. Organizing is so much easier when you’ve pared down to the essentials.

2. Hang It Up

If you’ve got a closet without much shelf space, try a hanging closet organizer. The cubbies in this collapsible piece give items like sweaters and handbags a home, so you’ll max out on vertical space and won’t miss built-in shelves.

Hanging Closet Organizer

3. Opt for Boxes, Bins and Baskets

Keep shelves and your closet floor organized with bins and baskets. Out of season items—like gym clothes, swimsuits and chunky knit sweaters—can stack neatly in a basket and they’ll look nicer than plastic tubs. Plus, it will let your sweaters breathe.

Closet Organization Ideas - Sweater Bins

4. Keep a Hamper Handy

Laundry doesn’t have to be your least favorite thing. We love a hamper that has a bit of flair and handles for easy transport. Keeping one in your closet means dirty clothes never end up on the floor. Plus, the cloth liner on this one is easy to transport and can go right in the washing machine.

Closet Organization Ideas - Hamper with Shelf

5. Organize Your Accessories

Bags, belts, handkerchiefs, ties—you name it. All those accessories that take your outfits to the next level need a designated space when they’re not completing your look. Belt hangers give you a good look at your options and a bag hanger keeps your favorite handbags and scarves at the ready.

6. Don’t Forget the Wall Hooks 

Wall hooks are your secret weapon for narrow spaces, the backs of doors or empty walls. Install several in your closet to hold purses, scarves, coats or your outfit for the next morning. They’re a great way to display your favorite necklaces and baubles, too. 

Closet Organization Ideas - Wall Hooks

7. Keep Your Shoes Paired

When you’re looking to get the most out of your space, keeping your shoes organized is an easy way to turn things up a notch. A sleek shoe organizer will keep your favorite heels in good shape and your go-to sneakers ready for your next jog.

Closet Organization Ideas - Slim Shoe Rack

8. Categorize By Style

One of the most reliable ways to keep your closet organized is to categorize everything. From your favorite athleisure outfits to the perfect party looks, it works in your favor to give everything a place. Designate a section of your closet for every style of clothing—you’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to get ready every morning.

9. Color Code

Take your style organization to the next level with a color-coding system. Pairing related hues in each section of your closet will help you stay inspired in the mornings.

10. Get Out the Label Maker

For your seasonal baskets and bins or your day-to-day accessory organizers, a classic label maker is a tool we love for the entire closet. A small label here and there will always remind you which bin is for your socks as you’re putting away laundry. Plus, you’ll never forget which bin has your parka when winter comes along.

What To Do When You Don’t Have a Closet

Whether you live in a studio apartment, an older home or something in between—if you find yourself without a closet (or one that’s too small), there’s no need to stress about where your clothes will go. In fact, there are solutions for creating a makeshift closet in your home, and they can be even more stylish than the real thing. Check out our favorite storage ideas for when you don’t have a closet. 

11. Go With a Garment Rack

Channel the dressing rooms of New York Fashion Week and opt for an open-concept garment rack for all of your hanging clothes. Add a hanging organizer to mimic shelves and get the most out of this piece. Since your garment rack is on full display, make it attractive by dangling your prettiest scarves on the end. 

Gold Clothing Rack - Closet Organization Ideas

12. Elevate to an Armoire

Need more storage? An armoire is the solution. With a hanging bar and drawer space, you’ll have plenty of options for storing your capsule wardrobe and essentials, and everything will be hidden away behind a gorgeous set of wooden doors.

Mid-Century Armoire

13. Organize Your Bedroom Door

Your bedroom door is prime real estate when you don’t have a closet. Hang your purses, scarves and other everyday items with an over-the-door rack. With a sleek design, it will make the most of your space and help you keep the essentials close at hand.

Black Over the Door Hanger

14. Tuck Away Seasonal Items

Nobody wants to dig through their sweaters to find their favorite swimsuit when summer finally arrives! Once the seasons start to change, spend a Saturday afternoon trading out your winter wares and tuck them into storage bins that live under your bed. Consider using vacuum storage bags to help make space saving a little bit more organized.

Clever Closet Organization Ideas

15. Go Low

Whether it’s a narrow space below your bed or under your sofa, small spaces can be used to your advantage. A few low-profile bins can be used to keep extra linens under your bed, while a decorative basket can hold accessories and be part of your decor under a table.

Underbed Storage Baskets

16. Divide Up Your Space

Give the corner of your bedroom a bit of privacy with a room divider. This is one of our favorite solutions for giving your space dimension and accommodating a lack of closet, particularly in tiny studio apartments and tight bedrooms. Complement your personal style with a bold pattern or opt for a design with extra storage and a mirror to make getting ready for every day even easier.

17. Opt for Bed Frame Storage

We love a statement piece, so why not pick out a bold bed frame that also works for your storage needs? Drawer space underneath your mattress is ideal for your seasonal items and extra linens, while sleek headboard storage is the perfect spot for small accessories and your favorite jewelry.

18. Pick Storage Furniture

Another go-to organization trick of ours is picking furniture with built-in storage, like an ottoman or a bench for the foot of your bed. Bedding and your favorite chunky knit sweaters can have a designated place so they don’t take up valuable storage space elsewhere.

19. Stick with a Classic

We love a classic approach, and nothing’s more timeless than the perfect dresser. A low-profile design can serve double duty as your nightstand, while a tall and narrow style has the perfect small footprint for tight quarters. You can also check out our favorite tips for styling your dresser.

Closet Dresser

20. Organize Your Drawers

Every inch of space is precious when you don’t have a closet, so staying tidy is a must. Drawer dividers and low-profile baskets are a dream team for sorting socks, scarves and everything in between.

Drawer Organizers

21. Go Up the Wall

Double up on decor and storage with floating shelves. This elegant look is our favorite for any room of the house and is the perfect spot for your jewelry, makeup and accessories. Pop a small succulent on the end of one to give your DIY closet a bit of greenery.

22. Not Just For Books

If you’re like us, you can never have too many good reads around. Keep the bottom shelf of your bookcase free for your everyday shoes, so they’re always easy to grab before you leave the house.

23. Level Up Your Entryway

Practicality is key when it comes to closet space, so getting creative is part of the process when you don’t have a closet. Pair a bench with wall hooks and a mirror to put the final touches on your look before dashing out the door every morning. For a tighter space, opt for a shelving unit with a smaller footprint to take advantage of every inch. 

24. Make Use of Corners

Getting the most out of your space means using every inch you can possibly find, and corners are often forgotten or underutilized. A modern coat rack can fill the tight area and level up storage space for your favorite coats in the winter and your beach tote in the summer.

25. Think Outside the Box

Looking for a way to use your luggage when you aren’t jet setting somewhere new? You’ve got ideal storage space at your fingertips! Bulky items like coats and seasonal pieces like swimsuits and cover-ups are ideal candidates for suitcase storage. Don’t forget about all the little pockets and pouches. Those are perfect for small accessories like ski goggles and flip flops.

Closet Decor Ideas

No matter what kind of space you’re working with, there’s always room to add a touch of your personal style. Let your closet showcase your taste with a pop of color or a well-placed mirror. 

26. Light It Up

The purpose of closet lighting is pretty basic, but that doesn’t mean your light fixture can’t be pretty. A flushmount ceiling fixture is the perfect marriage of attractive and utilitarian, allowing you to illuminate your closet without taking up too much space. This is especially helpful if your closet is cramped or has low ceilings.

27. Pick a Rug

If you have hardwood, concrete or tile in your closet, a rug can cozy up the space and ensure your feet never get cold. Don’t be afraid to experiment! A runner could be the perfect fit if you have a long and narrow closet.

28. Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors aren’t just a place to check out your outfit (and say your positive affirmations). They’re also handy for making a small closet look bigger. A mirror with hooks will give you a place to hang little odds and ends, giving you more room for items on your shelves and hanging racks.

29. Make Your Walls Pop

If you’re feeling extra creative, wallpaper is the ultimate way to add a little glam to your closet. Whether you love a bold pattern or like to stick with classic neutrals, a wallpaper accent wall is one of the easiest ways to give your closet walls a makeover—without having to break out the paint.

30. Pick Your Favorite Essential Oils

What’s your signature scent? From peaceful lavender to invigorating cinnamon, incorporate your go-to into your closet with an oil diffuser to create an oasis you’ll be thrilled to get ready in. Get creative with your scent choices and change things up with the seasons. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and get ready to tackle the day with a clear head.

31. Draw the Curtains

There’s no need to stare at a boring door or leave your walk-in closet open at all times. One of our favorite walk-in closet ideas is to improvise with a pair of curtains hung over the door frame for a bit of elegance. Coordinate with the rest of your decor so it becomes an effortless part of your room’s style.

32. Artistic Flair

Your closet should inspire you. Hang a piece of your favorite art or a beloved photo from your latest getaway to showcase a little bit of you. Make a point to give your closet a bit of style along with function.

Final Thoughts

Getting dressed should make you excited for the day, whether you’re putting on your favorite workout clothes, lounging at home or getting dressed up. A few simple changes can make your closet inspiring and organized–from a walk-in to a tiny closet. We have plenty of other closet organization ideas to check out and cater to your space.

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