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27 Bathroom Organization Ideas for Self-Care

Your bathroom should be practical and relaxing—a place you can get ready to tackle the day, as well as your oasis to decompress with your signature self-care routine. Keeping this important space organized will ensure you get the most out of every inch and enjoy everything it has to offer. We’ve outlined our favorite bathroom organization ideas for any style and space, bathroom organization & storage large or small.

Best Bathroom Organization Ideas

Go-to Bathroom Organization Tricks

Keeping your bathroom tidy is one of the best ways to keep it clean and help you relax. Here are our favorite tricks for organizing any bathroom. 

1. Straighten Your Wall Cabinet

Bathroom wall cabinets and shelves are some of our favorite storage solutions. A few floating shelves above your towel rack can give you the extra storage space you need for products you use daily. Be sure your everyday items are within reach on the lower shelves and upper shelves are reserved for pops of decor, like a diffuser or potted succulent.

Bathroom Organization Ideas - Gold Wall Shelves

2. Make the Most of Your Drawer Space

Drawers are your best friends when it comes to organization. It’s almost too easy to just toss in your foundation blender once you’re done using it! Opt for a few well-placed trays and trinket holders to keep all the little odds and ends in their places. You’ll feel much better knowing everything inside is neat and tidy.

3. Organize Your Countertops

Just like your drawers, your bathroom counter can become cluttered in the blink of an eye. Pick out a collection of storage options, like a cotton case and an accessory set to keep all those daily items organized. If everything has a home, you’ll be more likely to put everything back where it belongs.

White Bathroom Accessories - Bathroom Storage

4. Make the Most of Your Self-Care

Your self-care routine is an important part of staying healthy, and creating your own spa bathroom doesn’t have to be hard. A bathtub caddy will keep your luxurious bath oils, a favorite book and a glass of rosé close at hand while you take some much-needed time for yourself. When you’re not using it during a bath, it’s the perfect storage spot for your essential oil collection.

5. Arrange Your Linens

If your bathroom doubles as your linen cabinet, organizing with storage baskets will give everything a place. Towels and washcloths should be easily accessible, while extra bed linens can stack on a shelf that’s more out of reach.

6. Make the Most of Wall Hooks

Classic towel racks are great for everyday use, and adding a set of wall hooks can take your bathroom organizer game to the next level. Hang your laundry bag on the end or use it to store your long necklaces.

Bathroom Wall Organization - Wall Hooks

7. Hide Your Hamper

Having the space under your sink or a deep cabinet is a huge plus when it comes to finding the best bathroom storage ideas. Tuck your laundry hamper away so your space stays clean and tidy on a daily basis.

Round Weave Laundry Hamper Baskets - Bathroom Organization

8. Organize the Essentials

Your bathroom essentials don’t have to be cluttered or unsightly. A sleek toilet paper organizer will keep your space well stocked and organized. Place it in the corner by your toilet to make use of all your bathroom space.

Bathroom Organization Ideas - Toilet Paper Storage

9. Keep it Clean

Keeping your bathroom clean is always a priority, so having your favorite cleaning products close at hand will make it even easier. Reusable bottles and a sturdy storage caddy make it a snap to wipe down your shower and disinfect surfaces.

10. Streamline Your Products

Running out of your go-to shampoo, conditioner and body wash is never okay. Keeping your shower well stocked with dispensers for each will give this space a sleek look, plus make sure you always have plenty left. Maybe you’ll run out of your shampoo and conditioner at the same time for once!

11. Make Use of Floor Space

Having open floor space is such a gift in a bathroom—use it wisely by adding a pharmacy cabinet with a small footprint. You’ll have plenty of shelving space inside for all of your products, plus space on top to store your jewelry or hair tools. 

Mid-Century Bathroom Cabinet

12. Upgrade Your Vanity

Getting ready for a remodel? Demo your old vanity and upgrade to a new and improved setup. Opt for a double sink console if you have the space—it’ll give you and your partner your own sides of the bathroom, or give you plenty of room to get ready if it’s just you using the space.  

Mid-Century Double Bathroom Vanity

13. Organize by Size

Once you’ve picked out your new favorite towels, organizing them by size will make your day much easier. Bath towels should be within reach of your tub or shower, while hand towels should be easy to replace next to your sink. Keep a small basket of washcloths on top of your makeup vanity.

14. Coordinate with your Closet

Having a closet and bathroom that connect is the dream when it comes to getting ready in the morning. Adding a clothing rack in between the two spaces will give you the perfect area to plan your outfit for the next day, whether you’re getting dressed for your favorite pilates class or getting glammed up for a party.

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

If your bathroom is tiny, no need to stress. There are plenty of ways to make the most of your space and ensure it works for you. Here are our favorite tips and tricks for small bathroom storage.

Bathroom Organization Ideas

15. Go Up

Organizing in tight quarters is all about getting creative and using what’s available to you. Unused wall space above your toilet is the ideal spot for hanging shelves that can act as cubbies for your towels and storage space on top. Add a towel bar for a little extra vertical storage and you’ll be set.

16. Store It Out of Sight

A medicine cabinet is our favorite classic storage solution in any bathroom. Small items like nail polish bottles and toothpaste will never be lost with this shelving space. Its low profile will ensure your space stays clean and doesn’t feel cluttered.

Bathroom Organization Ideas - Medicine Cabinet

17. Roll It Away

Being able to roll out your favorite cosmetics and hair tools, then rolling them away once you’re done is the easiest way to make the most of tight space. Find a narrow spot in your bathroom or closet to store a rolling storage cart so you can easily get what you need and store it away when you’re done.

Bathroom Organization Ideas - Storage Cart

18. Make the Most of Your Lighting

Lights, beauty routine, action. Having ample lighting in your bathroom is important to making the most of your organization. Picking out a pair of bright sconces will give you the light you need to see every inch of your space and keep everything free of clutter.

19. Sort Your Shower

Whether you have a bathtub shower or a walk-in, storing your favorite body wash and trusty cleansers on a shower caddy will keep the space organized. A hanging caddy is your best option for a tight shower, while a free-standing unit can fit perfectly on a ledge or the floor of your shower. Bonus: You can easily remove the caddy from the shower when it’s time to scrub the tile.

Bathroom Organization Ideas - Shower Caddy

20. Use Your Door

Like wall hangers, an over-the-door hanger is one of the most useful organizers you can have in your bathroom. Hang your towels, robe and outfit for tomorrow to keep them easily accessible and off the floor. If guests are coming to visit, they can hang their toiletry bags and have plenty of room to not clutter the countertop.

Bathroom Organization Ideas - Over the Door Storage

21. Only Use What You Need

Just like you store your seasonal items to get the most out of your closet organization, it’s a good idea to rotate out your products and tools for just what you need. Do you have a favorite color palette in the summer? A new haircut that requires a specific curling iron to style just perfectly? Keep these items close at hand in your bathroom and store the rest in a cabinet, drawer or your closet when not in use.

22. Choose a Caddy

Whether you share a bathroom or just have lots of favorite hair care products, a classic caddy will keep your go-to items sorted and ready for action. When not in use, tuck it under the sink or even under your bed if you don’t have enough cabinet space.

Bathroom Caddy - Organization Ideas

23. Be Flexible

Your dirty laundry needs a designated spot, and making sure it’s flexible will make your life even easier. Fold your laundry hamper when you aren’t using it or slide it into a narrow space to make the most of your precious floor space.

24. Spring Clean

No matter the season, a deep clean is always a must for keeping your space organized and clutter-free. Toss those expired cosmetics, put your bobby pins in a designated spot and scrub in the corners around your toilet. Giving your space the refresh it needs will make you breathe a little easier every time you step into your bathroom.

25. Create a Low Profile

If a pharmacy cabinet or set of shelves would make your bathroom even more cramped, a leaning towel rack is our favorite suggestion. Standing almost flush with your wall, you can store towels, hang your outfit for the next day and set a few accessories on the top shelf.

Bathroom Organization Ideas - Ladder Towel Rack

26. Add a Bit of Greenery

We’re always for an easy bit of flair and greenery. Give your favorite succulent a new hanging planter and suspend it from the ceiling or your shower curtain bar. This pop of greenery will live happily from the moisture of your shower and brighten up your tiny bathroom.

27. Refresh and Rejuvenate

Incorporating your favorite candle or essential oil is a great way to turn your tiny space into an oasis. Your bathroom should help make your day easier, not stress you out. Even if you don’t have room for a clawfoot tub or steam shower, little things to help you find your zen will make you love this space even more.

Closing Thoughts

Your bathroom should be an easy and useful space in your home. No matter the size and storage options, there are plenty of easy ways to organize your space and showcase your style. Whether you prefer clean lines and geometric designs or love a well-placed bold accent, bathroom organization possibilities are endless.

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