frequently asked questions

What is a UPS Access Point?

A UPS Access Point is a safe and convenient location you may ship and collect packages from near you. A UPS Access Point location is a retail outlet such as a grocery store or petrol station that serves as a convenient and efficient UPS parcel delivery and retrieval location.

How does it work?

Select a UPS Access Point during checkout. Your items will be shipped to the location of your choice and you will be notified of delivery via email. You will be asked to show a valid government ID and tracking number when collecting your order. 

The opening hours of the UPS Access Point will vary; they will be displayed when you select a pickup point.

Can someone else pickup my order?

Yes. In the payment section of checkout, you may specify a UPS Access Point pickup person. Ensure that the name appears exactly as it does on their government issued ID. They will also need the tracking number of your order upon pickup at the UPS Access Point.

How long will my order be available for pickup?

Your package will be available for 7 calendar days. An e-mail reminder will be sent to you if your package remains uncollected before it is returned back to us.

Can I return my items at a UPS Access Point?

Packages with UPS shipping labels already attached can be dropped off at a UPS Access Point location near your home or work.


How can I track my package?

Your can track your order any time after it is placed using My Account.